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We are thrilled to be joined by Tara from beautiful indie brand and new member of our Indie Kin family, Whoopsie Daisie. Read on to find out more about her and her life as a mumpreneur.

Tara from Whoopsie Daisie - one of our Indie Kin brands Tara from Whoopsie Daisie in her studio. Now available at Wonder of Kin.com

Who or what inspired you to start the company and share your idea with the world and how have you found the experience of running a business so far?

I started Whoopsie Daisie when heavily pregnant with my little shadow Henry, at first it was just a hobby - I'd found gaps in the market for baby items I wanted/needed but couldn't find nice versions or affordable prices. Friends and family liked what I was making and started placing orders for gifts and from there it got out via word of mouth before I turned to social media.
I then had Henry and took some time to enjoy being a new Mummy [I was already self employed with a business I'd started a few years prior doing social media so I was back to doing that the day after giving birth - but from bed of course!]
The more I was enjoying my new bundle of joy, the more I found myself scrolling Instagram whilst feeding him for the 100th time at 2am and finding lots of other little brands I loved and the more passion I found to make and get myself out there! 
Then in January this year [with Henry nearly one] I said I was going to make Whoopise Daisie a 'recognisable brand' this year and build something my boy would be proud of! I set targets and most nights I work until 2am [as I'm a SAHM running a business] but I love what I do and I love that it allows me to be with my boy and watch him grow!

Sounds like you really put the hours in, but what’s the best thing about running your business that makes all that hard work worthwhile?

Definitely not missing a moment with my Little Hen! He is my inspiration and driving force, he amazes me everyday and I'm so blessed that people love Whoopsie Daisie and want to buy my items, meaning I get to grow my empire AND work from home!

And for balance, what's the worst?
It's hard working around a toddler - I can only work in nap time and bed time and I've not yet sussed that 'work/life balance' yet - but I'm sure I'll get there! As a small business owner you are maker, marketer, packer, photographer, poster, accountant and everything else too!
Oh my goodness - totally feel you.
So, tell us about your company name?
When I was pregnant me and a friend got chatting about what we'd like to be doing in 5/10 years time, we joked about opening a kids store and her moving up north! We played with some real ideas and looked into real premises as we got carried away and I came up with 'Whoopsie Daisie' - it sounds cute, I think its instantly related to children and a bit of a 'whoopsie daisie I spent more money' - its also an easy one for kids to say if I do get a bricks and mortar store one day!

What do you get up to when you’re not busy creating your beautiful products?
Whoopsie Daisie is pretty much my work and my hobby! I love coming up with new ideas, but mostly you'll find me at the park, or the beach, or swimming with my little guy and on Daddy's days off you'll find us searching for things to do pre and post Henry nap! We're very outdoorsy!

Give us an idea of what your daily routine looks like and do you have any top tips for other aspiring small business owners?
Well I'm still breastfeeding after 15months, so between 7pm and 7am I'm in and out of the bedroom feeding along with working until roughly 2am most nights, then in the morning we'll get out the house to the park or a toddler class, then home for lunch and then Henry will have a 1.5hr nap where I cram in some work.
When he wakes we'll either head into the garden or to my parent's until bedtime. The standard Mum day, apart from mine is also filled with responding to emails and trying to remember who messaged me through which social media platform and also entertaining a 15mo! I've always liked being busy though!
And I'd say if you want to start a business... DO IT! I started the year with about 500 Instagram followers and wanted to reach 1,000 by the end of the year, its now June and I've just passed 4,000 and have gained so many friends and loyal customers and thanks to them all I get to do what I love every day!
Just believe in yourself! And set 'realistic' goals!
Thanks so much Tara - inspiring words and she great practical insight as well. Lovely to have you with us here at wonderofkin.com
Gorgeous pics of Tara and Henry in her studio taken by Robyn Swain Photography.

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