A day in the life of a #mumboss with Ovi & Reu

Today was one of those days where it got to Ovi’s tea time and I realised I hadn’t even had time for a toilet stop all day… you know the sort of day I mean. From the moment we woke up (to the sound of Ovs running his little fingernails up and down the side of the cot) it’s been full-on crazy town… and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

The first job of the day was a food shop – which, since we are embracing city living in North Bristol at the moment whilst we renovate our new place out in the sticks, invariably involves me over-buying cans of chopped tomatoes and struggling back to the flat with ridiculously heavy bags draped across the buggy… same again today.

After that - and the minor detour of a vomit (Ovi) and a piece of toast (me) we got on to the good stuff. We are ‘popping up’ for the next couple of weeks on the run up to Mother’s Day in Mon Pote - the most beautiful lifestyle and homewares store you have ever seen. It’s on North Street in Southville (probably the coolest part of town) and everything about it – every must-have-Scandi-cool item perfectly displayed on every urban-chic surface - is just delectable.

We spent some time with (super-cool) proprietor Anna, arranging our gorgeously indulgent Expectant Collection and the ever-popular Country Collection in amongst the other gorgeous goodies in the centre of the shop and running though the details with her. If you’re not already following her on Insta then you should be.

Next up (with raisins in hand) we were on our way out to the new house to do a spot of renovations management (and have lunch with a pair of extremely hardworking grandparents who are stripping wallpaper like absolute troopers).

Homeward bound, I managed to squeeze a couple of calls to suppliers in whilst Ovs had a well-earned kip (thank you hands-free) and, once I had started him off on an excellent tower building project back home, I got a few more calls made, appointments set up, web and social media tasks completed and, last but by no means least, got this blog started.

In this house we believe it’s important to build something spectacular before tea and today it was a rocket, made from the Amazon Prime delivery boxes, which blasted us into bathtime and ensured that my weary boy made it to bed in time for a bottle and story with Dadadada.

Now we’ve had a grown-ups supper and finally sat down for the evening and I have some headspace to finish this blog and reflect on how lucky I am and how much I love this job, this life and all this stuff.

Pop down to Mon Pote on North Street (Southville, Bristol) to see our beautiful Expectant and Country Collections taking pride of place. And if you can’t make it down there, head over to the shop here to take a look at our full range of letterbox friendly boutique gift boxes and our brand new subscription service too. Go ahead and treat the new or expectant mum in your world today.

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