Get going this January!

Well it's been a busy few weeks (as usual) here at Wonder of Kin, what with the newest addition to the family and the air of delightful sleep deprivation hanging around the house since her arrival...!

But it's also January and I LOVE January. I think I'm about the only person in the world who does. But I just can't resist an opportunity to feel like I've got a clean slate on all fronts and embrace the idea that surely this is the year that I will finally get organised / get fit / get into ironing / get up earlier / get less caffeine dependent / get better at playing cars with my two year old...! Maybe this year, eh?!

In light of the 'get more organised' element, I've been making extra effort since the arrival of Elodie to make sure that Ovi is getting lots of attention - which pretty much means either playing cars, going tractor spotting or (best by far) going swimming. I'm still a long way from efficient when it comes to getting two littles out of the house in a vaguely reasonable time frame and/or dressed appropriately, but it's definitely helping to minimise the tantrums at home if I can manage it and he can have a good bit of exercise too. Ovi has hypotonia which means he can't walk yet and this adds a good amount of trial to most situations as he really relies on me to carry and lift him around a lot. But swimming is an absolute dream as he can walk independently in the water and suddenly transforms into the toddler that I can't wait for him to become on dry land too! ('get more patient' is the other thing I'm working on this year...!)

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