Exciting new things!

SO it's been a pretty ridiculously busy few weeks over here of late and I feel like I've been running around like a headless something-or-other, but I think I'm finally settling into the groove of running the new brand... as well as the two small people I'm responsible for...!

We have been trying to support local shops, makers, brands and artists for as long as I can remember - my husband Simon is really into buying local food produce and supporting local foodie haunts and I know he's far from alone in this down here in Bristol and Somerset where there's a whole incredible world of good foodie stuff going on. 

But since I started working on Ovi & Reu, thanks in large part to the amazing people I got to work with whilst creating the gift collections for new mums, a whole enormous world of wonderful brands has appeared on my radar. And these days I simply can't get enough of the fabulous people I'm meeting every week who are doing their own thing, putting themselves out there, making, delivering, doing and being totally true to themselves, daringly and beautifully creative and truly independent.

Curating their wares is an absolute privilege - though not without challenges - and I am thrilled that so many of them are letting me be a part of their journey. So pop over to the store today to see what I'm talking about in the flesh! Sign up to the newsletter so that I can keep you posted on who and what I'm meeting and finding and (most importantly of all) remember us when you're next on the hunt for a special something and help us to support indie brands!

Thanks & best wishes,

Emily x

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