The Start-Up - with Ovi & Reu

Like all the best ideas, Ovi and Reu was conceived over coffee and French pastries one cloudy weekday morning. And from the sparks of that first conversation between two of the three founding partners, Laura and Emily, a rather fabulous fire began to burn. A week later, with the third founding partner Jean on-board, things really began to take shape. A business was registered, a brand designer hired and we sat down to draw up a plan (over coffee and pastries of course). 

Starting a business during the first six months of motherhood wasn’t particularly high up on my list of priorities, in fact I was having a rather lovely time spending my days thinking about little other than nap times and finger paint, but something about this idea was so compelling that I became determined to bring it into fruition. I knew I was in safe hands working with Laura and Jean who brought an array of experience and skills to the table and sure enough it wasn’t long before things really got going.  

It’s not always been easy; we have had progress interrupted by everything from holidays to hospital stays and numerous meetings have been derailed and even entirely disbanded by teething, tantrums, weaning and endless nappy changesbut at this point, as I write this very first blog post, we have a fabulous logo, some amazing packaging in the works and are half way to a fully functioning website. And it is so very exciting to see things starting to take shape. 

One of the most amazing things about developing this business has been the people that we have been privileged to work with already. We have been so fortunate to be able to rope in a few people that we already knew and who have been willing to contribute their own great knowledge, experience and professional skills to help us out. But we are also meeting new people every week: people with such amazing talents, producing truly beautiful products, and it’s this that reminds us why we always knew that Ovi and Reu had legs. I can’t think of a single mother that I know (whether a brand new one or one with years of mothering under her belt) who wouldn’t feel inspired and indulged by owning and experiencing the beautiful items that we are discovering. 

So, despite the soft-play sessions that have been cut short and the night-feeds that have been accompanied by trawling Google for packaging suppliers, setting up this business has proved to be a most enriching experience so-far and I really hope that Ovi and Reu will be proud of us when one-day they are old enough to see what we have been up to.  

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