Coffee with Bump to Cradle

It’s always such a pleasure to sit down for coffee with a fellow Entrepreneur and Mum to Small People on a grey and drizzly Tuesday morning, and meeting Miriam from the fantastic new Bristol start-up Bump to Cradle was such a treat amongst the Christmas chaos.

 Armed with coffee (me), orange juice (Miriam) and sultanas (Ovi), we covered a pretty vast range of topics from the perils of trying to entertain a wriggling one year old in a coffee shop (other mums seem to make it look so civilised) to how awesome and scary it is to be setting up a small business in amongst the everyday dramas of family life 

Miriam’s business, Bump to Cradle, offers antenatal classes delivered by a team of experts in their fields who are perfectly equipped to pass on a fantastic range of knowledge, insights and advice. The team includes Miriam herself (she is a GP), a paediatrician, a consultant anaesthetist, a consultant obstetrician, a night nanny, a feeding specialist midwife, a women’s health physiotherapist… I know what you’re thinking. I wish I had had access to such an amazing range of specialists when I was pregnant too… You can see now why we are so thrilled to be teaming up with Bump to Cradle

I count myself as incredibly lucky to have found an amazing group of people through my antenatal class. Over a year into parenting and we still talk everyday, spend New Year’s Eve together, heck, we even start up businesses together… But talking to Miriam has made me realise how much more I could have gained on the practical side of things – about birth and beyond. Don’t get me wrong, I learnt some good stuff, and I was very grateful at the time simply for the opportunity to sit in a room full of other pregnant people and talk about being pregnant (strangely enough my wonderfully patient friends and colleagues didn’t want to talk about it all through lunch everyday…). But if I was to do it all again I would sign up for the Bump to Cradle class in a heartbeat. And I would also pack way more Haribo in my hospital bag.


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