Making birthday plans

If there’s one thing I love on a rainy afternoon when Ovi has gone down for a nice long nap it’s a little Pinterest project (especially when I should really be busy trying to find a plasterer/carpet fitter/ mould resistant bathroom paint…) and today I decided to take on the task of researching some ideas for an amazing party for my soon-to-be-two year old.

I’m really hoping that we can get into our new house in time to throw a little shindig for him in our own place. We had a small family and close friends gathering for his first birthday in central Bristol, which was absolutely lovely, and we went to a good number of first birthday parties thrown by other people on a grander scale, which were also fab. But this year, since the children are all getting so much more aware of what’s going on around them, I am really looking forward to getting into the spirit of the thing.

Despite the frightening opportunity of performing a significant number of Pinterest-fails in such an undertaking, I found myself getting pretty excited at the prospect of superhero parties, pirate parties, farmyard parties and so on. But it certainly seems that there’s a whole lot more to this party situation than I remember from my own childhood. I mean we had pretty amazing parties – with cakes and yummy party food and balloons and games and party hats and bags to take home and new frocks and dashing around high as kites on sugar icing… but the birth of Pinterest seems to have taken us to a whole new realm of parental-effort-required!

A friend told me recently that the price tag of each of the party bags that she supplied at her daughter’s 3rd birthday party came to £15… I can’t really do shouty capitals with numbers but I’ll repeat that again just for emphasis… £15!! Unbelievable. And even if you don’t feel under the cosh to spend out the big bucks to impress your little darling’s besties, there’s undoubtedly a good amount of pressure to put on a dam good homemade show at the very least. I’m really not looking to condone this pressure – we might as well face the fact that with kids under the age of 5 the only people we are doing all this for is ourselves - but there’s also no denying that I am looking forward to the prospect of a bit of a cake project, and some party bag making, and some over the top balloon-based decorating, and a new outfit for the birthday boy, and some awesome party food… oh hell, I might as well face it, I’m all in!

Check out the full selection of ideas on our Pinterest board here.


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