The Coastal Collection

As the sleep deprived fog of new parenthood began to lift and we stumbled back into the daylight, it was only ever a matter of time until Si and I would find the compulsion to stick on a woolly hat, pop the baby in the Ergo and get on down to the coast.

The fact that most of that first beach walk was spent tipping forward every few paces whilst trying to ascertain whether Ovi could still breathe in the carrier, smothered as he almost certainly was by a down jacket and blanket scarf, didn't entirely detract from the beauty of the moment that we showed our son the vast ocean for the very first time.

After years of trekking up and down the M4 from London to Cornwall, weekend after weekend with our surfboards and tent in tow, we finally made the move down to Bristol five years ago to cut the 'surf commute' in half. Best thing we ever did. Not because now we can surf every weekend (which we don't) but because we now feel like we potentially could surf every weekend (which we can't be bothered to do).

But despite our laziness - our love of coastal life and the timeless appeal of wandering down wind-swept sandy beaches with a tousle-haired toddler in tow never ceases to appeal and for this reason, for this mood, for this mother - comes The Coastal Collection.

So even during the first few weeks whilst the only thing you're surfing is the gnarly emotional wave of motherhood, you can at least enjoy a moment of coastal bliss as you taste the delicious tang of a salted caramel truffle and fill a gorgeous ocean-inspired Miesje Chafer make-up bag. After all, it won't be long until you feel the sand between your toes again - but this time there'll be ten more tiny toes next to yours. 

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