The Country Collection

This collection was a bit of a challenge to pin down; we knew we wanted to do something that reflected our country-loving sides – all three of us were born and raised in the country after all – but working out how best to reflect a ‘country’ style wasn’t so easy. Are we talking ‘tea and scones on the village green’ or are we looking for more of a ‘chuck on the Hunters and go find some grouse’ kinda vibe? It certainly caused us some consternation.


But in the end it was the first item that we found and fell head over heels for that set the tone for the rest of the collection - and that item was the organic cotton Mama and Baby Fox baby vest from the awesome designer David White at One Lonely Duck. Not only are foxes super-cool right now, but this teeny vest looked so adorable with the lovely country palette of burnt orange and greys that we simply couldn’t resist. The vest was soon joined by the beautiful hand painted wooden tipi nursery garland by Little Bird Designs, which (some how) managed to find its way into both Ovi and Reu’s nurseries too… well it’s important to check the products in situ, isn’t it?!

Hot on the heels of these two came the Little Butterfly London baby massage oil, which seemed the perfect fit for this country mum - who was now really starting to take shape in our minds as a free-spirited, organically-minded, vintage-chic kind of woman. The final pieces of the puzzle came in the form of a fab Liberty print headscarf from Kinky Knickers (because every woman should embrace a bit of Mary Portas in her life), an irresistible green tea and jasmine loose leaf from our very own Bristol Tea Company and, of course, a beautiful little bit of indulgence from award winning Bristol-based chocolatier Zara’s Chocolates (read all about her in our Supplier of the Month slot here).

So finally we have signed, sealed and now even actually delivered rather a large number of The Country Collections to lucky new mums up and down the country and we really hope that they have enjoyed receiving these boutique gifts as much as we have enjoyed discovering them.

Take a look at The Country Collection here.


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