Top 5 things you can't live without as a mumpreneur

Carving out slices of time during days spent with children is no mean feat; but getting organised and having your work 'kit' at the ready will help no end. Here are the things that help facilitate running my business alongside full-time Mummying. (I've missed biscuits off the list because it's a no-brainer...)

1. Laptop 

This one is sort of obvious but can't go without saying. A desktop just wouldn't cut it for me as I'm pretty regularly having to relocate to wherever the littles want to play.

2. Notebooks (various)

One of the things that makes it a challenge to run a business with little people around is that you can't act on an idea or respond to an email that you know has just popped into your inbox straight away. You might have to wait a good few hours to get through tea time / bath time / soft play etc. At these moments it's so valuable to be able to jot down a note to yourself. I have notebooks everywhere - in every bag, in the car, on the kitchen table and I use them constantly...

3.Duplo / The Jumperoo

Obviously this one is age dependent - but basically it's about finding an absorbing toy to keep them occupied whilst you smash through your to do list at the kitchen table. Embrace independent play, oh and Disney is your friend.


4. A work diary

You most likely have a calendar or diary on the go to keep your actual life organised and to start with I totally tried to just use my personal diary to schedule work bits and bobs in. But it was only when I actually committed to having a specific work diary that I managed to get a bit more organised about what I could realistically achieve for the business and when (and with what childcare). 

5. The kettle

Whatever your hot drink of choice happens to be, make sure you've always got a mug of it next to you when you sit down to work. After all this might be the only hour you spend sitting down today and you might as well accompany it with tea.

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