Top 5 reasons to start your own business

1. Working from home (in your pyjamas) 

Of course this would be my number one. It never gets old knowing that my morning commute no longer involves a litter-trashed bus stop or rain. Now my commute is the distance from the kettle to the kitchen table and I relish every second of it. Granted, I do have to be careful not to stand on any Duplo or Sophie La Giraffe (she gets everywhere) on the way, but still...

2. Flexible working hours 

This one's a bit more of a hard-sell as the flexibility element isn't everyones cup of tea. The thing to remember here is that the hours themselves aren't necessarily any shorter than any other job (they're very probably longer in fact). But the thing that I find so completely liberating and awesome is that they are mine to arrange across my day. I find the mornings a good time to get some bits and bobs done as Ovi is happy mooching about building things with Sticklebricks and Elodie pretty much naps all morning long. Once Ovi's hit his limit though we are down to using nap times and evenings... and nights...Not gonna lie!

3. The feel good feeling

Of course the best thing EVER is when people ask what you do and you get to bore them senseless with your vomit-worthy enthusiasm about your amazing new venture because there's no getting away from the fact that however British and coy you want to be about it, you do now get to say 'I run my own business' - and that is pretty darn cool.

4. The Insta-community

So there's no point in pretending that it doesn't get a tad lonesome at times when your work life no longer delivers a ready made crowd of fab people replete with all the lovely wit and shared eye rolling opportunities that I've always loved about the workplace. But I have been totally enthused by the amazing crowd of super clever and motivated and amazing people that I have come to rely on everyday through Instagram. Get on there and seek out some like minded folk and you won't regret it. (Just be careful not to get pulled down the Insta-rabbit-hole when you should be crunching numbers...!)

5. Your legacy and You


I know this seems quite similar to number three, but it really just brings me back to the point that when you run your own business it feels as though you finally get the opportunity to build something that really speaks to you - in your own language and with your best interests at heart. Because let's face it, no one ever looked back at the view from the pearly gates and thought about how cool it was to have toiled all those years to make someone else's dream come true... And did I mention that you can work in your pyjamas?


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